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“Just like a monkey we’ve been dancing our whole lives”. This is why Sound-House Entertainment knows how important it is to get the right groove going.

Our Mission

making real-life rom-coms a reality!

With Hollywood-style timing to your picture-perfect ceremony, we’ll have your guests wiping tears and rubbing goosebumps as the most memorable moments play out.

Once the fairytale has been written and Mr and Mrs have entered the room, it’s time to get the party started!

From Bali to the Maldives our team is made up of highly experienced professionals who have years of experience, doing what we do best. We believe in only working with industry-leading equipment.

Our services cover both Cape Town and Johannesburg regions.

Sound-House Entertainment knows how to read your crowd to make sure your wedding becomes the event everyone can’t stop talking about. If the DJ hasn’t quite got round to the song your body is aching to dance to, grab your phone and try out the “Request a Song app”. It’s the perfect way to make sure everyone gets a turn to play DJ.

When we’ve reached the perfect “Rhythm of the Night”. Why not throw in some visual effects? Lasers to add tasteful colour and smoke, low-level foggers and bubble machines that are sure to add some oohs and ahs!

Want to capture all the fun? We’ve just launched a Photo-Booth package, that offers Unlimited prints, making sure all those “interesting” poses have been caught and making sure no photo is lost, with an innovative Micro-site which allows you to send pics to any number around the world making sure that no one is left out. Book this as a package deal or just for some added fun at your event.

We’ve “Got a Feeling that your night’s gonna be a good good night” and you know, you can’t stop till it’s over so all that’s left to do is “Put our hands up, like the ceiling can’t hold us”!

Let’s get started.

Let’s make your dream wedding a reality.